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Get That C University (GTCU) is a one of a kind, exciting new platform that uses MasterClasses and other resources to help Pre PA Students and PA Students get into PA School and get through PA School.

On this site Pre PA Students will have access to videos that will help them on their journey of getting into PA School. Virtual Shadowing, Mock Interviews, and 30 day Attack plans are just a few of the video resources this platform will provide to help Pre PAs be thoroughly prepared to apply to PA School.  PA Students will have access to videos to glean from which include, Preparing for Clinical Year, Case Studies, Writing the Perfect Resume, and even more exciting for PA Students is that GTCU also includes videos to help them learn Medical Spanish, Financial Management, and even videos to aid in how to deal with their own Mental Health while in PA School.

Members of GTCU will also be privy to exclusive Virtual Live events (Pre-PA Conferences, PA Students Q&A's with medical professionals, "GTCU Virtual Game Nights", and more...). Additionally members will have access to open forums that are solely members only for private discussions among GTCU members, contributors, and staff.

GTCU produces and uploads brand new content regularly, and member's of the site get access to ALL the MasterClasses.

The Team

The People of GTCU

Adanna Hackett, PA-C

CEO/ Founder, GTCU

CEO/ Founder, "Adanna The PA"

Pre-PA/ PA Student Consultant

Adam Rosh, MD.

Senior Partner, GTCU

CEO/ Founder, Rosh Review

Anthony Hackett

Lead Producer/ Manager, GTCU

Natalie Crump, PA-S2

Pre-PA Consultant, GTCU

Joe Hwang, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Jameka McElroy-Brooklyn, MSPAS, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Van Nguyen, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Raven Matthews, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Andre Daley, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Dawn Miller, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Mario Broussard II, MSW, LMSW, LCSW-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Lydia Lu, PA-C

Content Contributor, GTCU

Nena S. Hisle, PhD

Content Contributor, GTCU

Amanda Otieno, Real Estate Broker

Content Contributor, GTCU

If you are a PA-C or PA Student and are interested in being a GTCU content contributor please contact us today for information on how to be on the team!

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